Sun Protection for your dog's nose!

My Dog Nose It Balm Is Not Just For Your Dogs Nose!

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We Make Sun Protection Products For Dogs. But that’s not all that our Balm can help with your pup.


Baby, it’s cold outside! And your skin is probably feeling it. But have you ever stopped to think what the weather and elements are doing to your dog?

We hear it all the time: “I do not even wear sunscreen in the Winter, why should my dog?”

Well, we’ll be the first to tell you, you should be protecting yourself and your dogs from the sun everyday, even if the sun is not always making an appearance. UV rays are still there no matter what the season and can be extremely intense even in Winter. Especially in high elevation areas with that fun, highly reflective white stuff we like to play in, aka SNOW!

But even if the Sun is not your concern, perhaps dry, cracked and rough paws and elbows on your dog are.

That’s exactly where our Original My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm comes in. It’s not just for noses, but also a paw protector and so much more!

Our My Dog Nose It! Balm is of course water resistant sun protection, but did you know it’s also very moisturizing and soothing? If you haven’t tried it on your own cuticles, elbows or lips, you are really missing out! So just think how it can help your dog’s overlooked parts that may need a little extra TLC.

Some areas where you might think to apply My Dog Nose It! Balm are:

  • Elbows
  • Nose
  • Scars
  • Paws
  • Belly / Undercarriage area
  • Ears
  • Snout
  • Anywhere that may not be covered by fur

By massaging in the balm in these areas, you can help your dog regain moisture and add a layer of protection from elements like wind, cold and rough flooring, snow, uneven terrain and much more.

Just remember, a little goes a long way to protecting your pup! No need to glob it on. Plus, you can feel safe knowing that our Balm is made from all natural ingredients and is completely safe, non – toxic and specifically created for our canine best friends!

Here’s hoping you and your pup enjoy a great “Year of the Dog” and have a happy, safe and PAWsome Winter together! 

My Dog Nose it! Balm is not just for noses. Use it on Paws to moisturize and soothe dry, cracked skin.

My Dog Nose It Balm Is Not Just For Noses!


    1 Comment

  1. I LOVE your product.Its the only product you can feel safe useing on your dog . I have a dog with a auto amune problem that leaves his nose with no hair .Its perfect for sun and keep his nose soft and also doesnt let it get chapped.I highly recommed this product.

    jennifer cook

    March 12, 2018

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